Smartcity Solutions

A unique mobile and web application developed for Vadodara city government to enable communication between citizens and municipal administration, manage & routing complaints, payment of city-related taxes, locator finders, and help tourists to get details of heritage places.

• Implemented Beacons (IoT) across the city for sending notifications to mobile device when a user passes by.
• Provision for citizens to submit complaints via map (crowdsourcing) based on user’s geo-coordinates.
• Routing of complaints.
• Locators for finding public toilets, garbage trucks (real-time detection), dustbins, buses.
• Online payment of professional and property taxes.
• Panic button for sending SMS notification with current location to relatives during emergency.
• Engage parents without using external non-secure media such as Facebook.
• City events schedules.
• Sending announcements, polls, and social media feeds by the city administration.
• Online booking of conference rooms and meeting invites for internal administration.
• Bulk SMS sending with a single click.
• Backend application for monitoring complaints and internal projects.